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Dont Let The Feeling Go new album new single

February 25th, 2015

PB-JZ-11 very happy to say that we have a new song to share with you

its from our new album called same as you which comes out on 30th march and is called ‘dont let the feeling go’

also very happy that the amazing musician and human being shabaka hutchings plays on this track with us, as do two other beautiful people and musicians i met in the desert,hannah darling and gar robertson

our new album,as well as being influenced by positivity,love and community is also inspired by the high desert in california where ive spent time in the last year or two

i love being in the awe inspiring nature there because it also helps me understand my little place in this universe,giving me perspective, which is something not always easy living in london,this is what our new track means to me,having that clear perspective with you no matter where you are,responding to the people and events in your life with openness and compassion

hope you can enjoy to listen to it

you can pre order the album from bandcamp and download ‘dont let the feeling go’ now. it comes with various bundle options including t-shirts and dogtags. the ltd edition dogtags are handmade by hannah darling who sings on our album. the silver ones contain part of a beautiful poem written by my dad on our new album artwork. the copper and brass ones say “choose love” on them, the profits from these will be going to support these amazing and positive people –

also…we’re on tour!! so come see us if you would like