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UK Tour, mixtapes and Jazz FM awards

April 20th, 2015


enjoyed playing london, brighton, manchester, leeds and liverpool so much. looking forward to the rest of the tour this week!

we have taken the typewriter i used on the album artwork on tour with us. please come and write a message on it. i am posting the pages on our facebook, so you can tag your message if you like. i love reading what people write and hearing their experience of using a typrewriter,when i was typing the new album text it felt so alien, being so used to touchscreens and spellcheck, thought it would be fun to take it with us and share

leafcutter john is playing solo sets of his new material as support on our tour. he has put together a mixtape for the quietus. listen here

also i made a mix for solid steel of music i am enjoying at the moment. you can hear it below.

we have been nominated for two jazz fm awards. we feel very honoured. you can vote if you would like here.

we have a new show to announce in norwich on may 10th. all shows are here. hope to see you soon.