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Our new album PEEPERS is coming out on Leaf Label 1st March and as we are excited about this we will be celebrating it with a gig on 2nd March at The Garage

which is opposite Highbury and Islington Tube in London

If you want you can buy tickets here


Hope you can come


You can also pre-order our album from here...

or here....



We had some nice things said about it.....


"First serious contender for album of 2010"

**** Jazzwise

"Their albums have got better and better"

**** Uncut

"A raw,live in the room sound,with elliptical nods to James 'Blood' Ulmer,Tortoise and the free jazz cosmos along the way...It's jazz shorn of cliche that demands to be taken on it's pigeonhole rebuffing merits"

**** Mojo

"Mournful and beserk fun"

**** Observer Music Monthly

"The group that flung wide the jazz club windows and let fresh air into a scene mired in cliche and rear-view mirror gazing....Rochford's drums are characterful as ever,with that sexy groove supplied as standard"

**** The Wire


We will also be travelling around celebrating too if you'd like to join us

If you'd like to know where,you can see on the "where we are playing" page

Hope 2010 has started in the best way for you


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 is a bit of a live gig i found today hope every day is a happy new year

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