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Same As You album stream

March 24th, 2015

you can hear our new album today if you want!

is a live stream from here
and also is available for preorder too and in the shops on monday
and there is an interview with Bandcamp here

hope you enjoy it

also..i made a podcast for soundcrash you can listen to here
a few tunes i like from other people
its also got an unreleased polar bear recording at the end -a different version of one of our new tunes and some other things i made

and…i had such a good time going on to tom robinsons show on saturday to share some more music i like,you can still listen here if you would like

hope you can come and see us on tour!!!



Dont Let The Feeling Go new album new single

February 25th, 2015

PB-JZ-11 very happy to say that we have a new song to share with you

its from our new album called same as you which comes out on 30th march and is called ‘dont let the feeling go’

also very happy that the amazing musician and human being shabaka hutchings plays on this track with us, as do two other beautiful people and musicians i met in the desert,hannah darling and gar robertson

our new album,as well as being influenced by positivity,love and community is also inspired by the high desert in california where ive spent time in the last year or two

i love being in the awe inspiring nature there because it also helps me understand my little place in this universe,giving me perspective, which is something not always easy living in london,this is what our new track means to me,having that clear perspective with you no matter where you are,responding to the people and events in your life with openness and compassion

hope you can enjoy to listen to it

you can pre order the album from bandcamp and download ‘dont let the feeling go’ now. it comes with various bundle options including t-shirts and dogtags. the ltd edition dogtags are handmade by hannah darling who sings on our album. the silver ones contain part of a beautiful poem written by my dad on our new album artwork. the copper and brass ones say “choose love” on them, the profits from these will be going to support these amazing and positive people –

also…we’re on tour!! so come see us if you would like


european tour and digital album reissues

January 30th, 2015

hello,am excited to say we’re touring europe in february,if you’d like to come and see us the dates are below

10th February – Canterbury Christchurch University, Broadstairs Campus Main Hall, UK (13.15pm gig + workshop)
19th February – Platformtheater, Groningen, Netherlands
20th February – Kunstencentrum, Hasselt, Belgium
21st February – De Singer, Rijkevorsel, Belgium
22nd February – (3pm) Axes, Eindhoven, Netherlands
22nd February – (9pm) Grounds, Rotterdam, Netherlands
24th February – Moods im Schiffbau, Zurich, Switzerland
25th February – Raindogs House, Savona, Italy
26th February – Jazzclub, Unterfahrt Munich, Germany
27th February – Jazzit, Salzburg, Austria
28th February – Narodni dom Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
1st April – Babylon Club, Istanbul, Turkey
8th April – Village Underground, London, UK
15th April – Komedia, Brighton, UK
17th April – Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK
18th April – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK
19th April – The Kazimier, Liverpool, UK
21st April – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, UK
22nd April – Broomhill Art Hotel, Barnstaple, UK
23rd April – Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
5th July – Festival of Firsts, New Brighton, UK

also,all of our albums are available again digitally and now all on the leaf label.if you haven’t heard them and would like to, you can go to our bandcamp and you can read more at The Leaf Label

hope you’ve all had a happy start to 2015

sending love



mercury prize 2014 live performance

November 11th, 2014

mercury prize, tour & 6 music mix

October 28th, 2014


hope youre having a good week

some things!

so this week we’ll be at the mercury awards! which im very excited and a bit nervous about,i know it will be alot of fun though
just need to relax and not be shy on the tv
we’re going to be playing so if youd like to see it and all the other people in the shortlist its on 9.30 on more4 on wednesday

also we have some new tour dates for this and next year if youd like to come and see us. see below for details.
the new album is finished! almost…just need to master it and find titles…am really happy that an artist i love called sanchita islam has made some beautiful artwork for us

i had fun making a mixtape for tom ravenscroft,sharing music is one of my favourite things,if youd like to hear it you can here

tom,john,pete and me(seb) also wrote something about how we make our sounds in polar bear for drowned in sound if youd like to see it


have been a bit shy about this,maybe because its a public vote but a couple of weeks ago amazingly i have been so lucky to be nominated for a british jazz award in the drummer category,if you want to be involved and vote for people you can here

13th november – the auditorium, sheffield university student union, sheffield
14th november – alternativa festival, malostranska beseda, prague, czech republic
19th december – firebug, leicester
19th february – platformtheater, groningen, netherlands
21st february – de singer, rijkevorsel, belgium
24th february – moods im schiffbau, zurich, switzerland
27th february – jazzit, salzburg, austria
8th april – village underground, london
17th april – royal northern college of music, manchester
18th april – brudenell social club, leeds
19th april – the kazimier, liverpool
23rd april – colston hall, bristol


cuckoo – video

October 27th, 2014

view on Vimeo.

new single – cuckoo

October 3rd, 2014

we have a new song out today!

well… its made out of our song chotpot and i made with a very talented singer and songwriter called jinjin

it seems that after we make our album i cant wait to get my fingers on it again and start moving stuff around to make something new..hope you will like it
its quite different to our album…but our current album is quite different to the one before so maybe in this sense theyre similar

there also a remix by someone i like very much too called paleman and love the big spacious pulsating music he has made

theyre both here on fact mag and bandcamp if youd like to listen

we’ve also got a gig next week at the lexington if you d like to come celebrate us being shortlisted for the mercury prize!

theres not many tickets left, so i hope you can come to see us if you want to
tom and pete are also going to be playing some other peoples tunes after too as its open late
my plan is to stay and maybe drink something…

hope youre having a good week in whatever you are doing

london show – october 9

September 23rd, 2014

Hello,we’re playing a gig to celebrate our album In Each And Every One being shortlisted for the mercury prize
Is going to be at the Lexington in Islington on the 9th oct

Tickets are here if you’d like to come

We’ve also got a new track release coming soon too featuring Jin Jin and a remix by paleman

And…I’ve just finished mixing the new album! So excited how it sounds! Can’t wait for it to be released next year
I mixed it at red barn recorders in yucca valley with an amazing musician and producer (and new family member) from l.a. called ken barrientos
His website is if you want to check him out
To me he really has a different way of feeling sound and have been really blown away by his creativity in taking our sound in a new way

Think we’ll play one or a couple of tunes from it at the Lexington

Hope you can come


PB IMG_20140912_184129

mercury prize + new live video

September 11th, 2014


so was quite an amazing day yesterday as we were nominated for the mercury prize for the second time!

for me this album felt quite a risk and took me courage to be honest about what i really felt to make with our band so it means even more to have this support

with our music we try to express as directly as we can and hope that other people feel it too
i believe music is for sharing with other people so if people do feel it, really is a gift i am always grateful for

so thank you!

anyway….we have a new video made by jacek zmarz of one of the tunes from our launch at xoyo if youd like to see it on youtube or vimeo

the tune is called chotpot which is a bengali word for when your mind feels a bit scatty

hope you enjoy it


oh! forgot that i wasnt there for the announcement of the mercury prize
this is because ive come back to the mojave desert to mix our new album which comes out april next year
im also mixing it with a musician and producer i really love from out here called ken barrientos

i feel something very special in what he does and hes already in the first day surprised me a lot in what hes brought to our music, like he understands completely where i wanted to go but is driving down a road i never expected or even knew was there

hes also got a very gently bouncing and cute dog called bodhi who likes the activity of licking very much
i took a picture and of kens feet


also, if you havent heard our album and would like to you can from here

wish you all peaceful energetic and inspiring days


life and life video + meltdown festival

May 15th, 2014

view on vimeo



is for the song ‘life and life’ from our album In Each And Every One which you can get here if you want.

was my idea and story but made real by many many hours of digital creating by roland lindner and very happy with what he made

really happy to say that we are doing a FREE gig to open the meltdown festival on 13th june. is not often you get the chance to play for free and really looking forward. we might play a tune of our new album too that comes out next year. was recorded two weeks ago and now just creating new invisible sound worlds inspired by the desert to lay inside it

here are our other gigs and festival dates if you would like to come

13th june – meltdown festival, queen elizabeth hall foyer, london
5th july – third rail festival, reading
6th july – love supreme festival, east sussex
9th august – woodbridge arts & music event, suffolk
10th august – brecon jazz festival, powys
17th august – canary wharf jazz festival, london
26th october – calstock jazz and blues festival, cornwall
13th november – millennium hall, sheffield
14th november – alternativa festival, malostranska beseda, prague, czech republic